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This section keeps you informed about recent updates and what's planned for the future.

Currently in Progress

  1. Anti-flickering solution (alpha version done)
  2. Creating videos to enhance content
  3. Multi-Variant Testing (MVT)

Update 9-10-2023

The anti-flicker snippet is in a very early Alpha stage and might not work perfectly yet. However, feel free to share your experience and knowledge with we so we can collaborate on improving the snippet.

Update 6-10-2023

This kind of targeting can help if the URL structure is inconsistent to use for page path targeting. This is especially handy with WordPress for example.

Update 5-10-2023

  • New page: About me.
  • Design updates to give more focus to the documentation.
  • Added call-to-actions.
  • Minor styling changes and content updates.

Update 21-9-2023

  • Updated recently added page React.
  • New page: Start collecting heatmaps/recordings from your experiments using Microsoft Clarity.

Update 20-9-2023

  • Updated some content.
  • Added work-around for React.
  • Started testing how to collect heatmaps and recordings for specific experiments.

Update 11-9-2023

  • Logo has been added.
  • Replaced the favicon.
  • General renamed Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to Google Analytics.
  • Getting Started - Content of the pages Checklist & Debug has been updated.
  • Images have been added to every guide where nedeed.

Update 23-08-2023

All pages now contain content! Although images and videos are still pending, it's a solid starting point.

Last update: June 19, 2024